York Motor Club supplies Marshals, Safety Personnel, and Event Officials, to many motorsports events, at all levels, throughout our region. Without these important volunteers, motorsport events would simply not run. There is no other way of getting as close to the action (and for free) than joining a Motor Club and becoming a Marshal.

How do I become a Marshal? Quite simple, join a Motor Club. At this moment in time, there are no legal requirements or qualifications needed to become a Marshal. Having joined a Motor Club, the Chief Marshal will put you with an marshal who will explain and assist you to carry out you duties.

Can I get training to become a Marshal? Yes! York Motor Club actively supports the MSA’s Marshals Registration Scheme. We can send anyone interested on a free course, approx 3-4 hours held regionally. After completing this, you can apply for your Marshals Licence. (free of charge) As you gain more experience and training you can upgrade your licence. We also run aditional training courses, such as motorsport safety, spectator safety, fire training, rescue and extraction, first aid, and radio communications. We will support anyone who wishes to get involved.

How can I find out more? Please feel free to visit us socially. We meet on the first Wednesday night of the month 9.00 p.m. at the The Marcia Inn, Bishopthorpe,York, YO23 2RA. Our Chief Marshal will also be happy to talk to you. (Click on the name to e-mail.)

If you are interested in volunteering to be involved with any forms of motorsport (marshalling, safety, rescue, recovery, results, officials etc) we recomend you visit This site has all the information you need. Without valuable volunteers, there would be no motorsport. If you are interested in motorsport – please get involved!