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The November YMC clubday autotest was held on Sunday the 12th November on Melbourne Airfield, organised by Rob Short.

Rays Report –  A good entry gathered on the old WW2 airfield at Melbourne on remembrance Sunday. The two minutes silence was observed at 11am, quite poignant and appropriate bearing in mind the history of the venue.    Three test sites were set out by Robert Short making good use of the space and a choice of route on one test site about which way to go around some features.   The result was one of the closest finishes for a long time. Craig Dykes setting FTD in his special by just over a second from Andrew Brown in the team Brown orange Mazda MX5.     Third overall with two fastest test times was Ashley Oliver Scott in his MG ZR, also winning class 2 on the day.   Gary Wrigglesworth/Leanne were flying on the tests setting 5 fastest times and without a wrong test on test 6 would probably have set FTD, if only. There was more flying of a different nature on the B a N, but no one captured it on their cameras so the length of flight and the altitude weren’t recorded.   Team Brown principal and main sponsor Alastair was next up in the overall results in the orange Mazda MX5. Worries over the clutch were unfounded, tyre wear was more of an issue in the double driven car.

David Ruddock was next up overall in another of the MX5 armada.    In the battle of the Saxos Gary Ross/Mandy finished ahead of Joseph Grayson/Patrick Thorpe.   Steven Bingham made sure all the Citroens kept neatly together in the results.   Yaseen Khan in his MX5 was just 6 seconds in front of Robert Jameson in his AWD Subraru, the filling in an MX5 sandwich with Laurence Farrell next up on the overall results.    First timer Alan Varley took the “well we are not surprised” looks when his MG TF added to the fog that came and went.    Colin Castle started went well on test site one but then went cone bashing and the wrong way on test site 2.     The fog looked like it might make visibility tricky to add to the grip, no grip challenges set on the B a N. But it lifted enough for Craig Dykes to set fastest time, even when his 2 second previous winners handicap was applied he was just over a second in front of Ashley Oliver Scott.

Thanks you to team Short, Robert and Kirsty for the tests and marshalling. Thanks to Shaun and Clare Mortimer for marshalling. Big thanks to the Landowner. Also thanks to Stu Carris who sorts out the MSUK permits every month and Andrew Cohen for the number crunching to produce the results and tables.

The December Clubday is on Acaster Airfeld, the cow shed site on Sunday 10th December. Festive decorations for the cars and competitors is optional.

Click here for the Clubday results




The October YMC clubday morning autotest/production car trial was held on Sunday 15th October at Acaster airfield, The usual 9 tests, Including some in and around the heaps at the far end of the site. Team Brown were the organisers.

Rays Report  – Sunday 15th October dawned sunny but cool with 3 test sites set out by Andy Brown. Two on the open spaces of the runway and one in and around the terrain of the heaps. The battle for 1st overall was between the two class 4 “Specials”, front wheel drive Driven by Ian Young topping the results in front of the rear wheel drive special driven by Craig Dykes. The biggest, closest battle was for the next three places. David Blaney took 3rd overall and 1st in class 2 in his Nissan Micra, driven to the event and just as importantly back home. David Ruddock was just 7 seconds back and lead the MX5 armada. Gaz Wrigglesworth/Leanne were just 8 second behind and took class 6 in their MX5. Next up was Ray Jude, still using the excuse, pointing out the obvious that the Clio was no Citroen Ax Gti. Colin Castle was offered some words of advice from Ian Young  to finish 7th Overall in his MX5 so not sure how much he listened to the advice!! Two recent new recruits to the MX5 autotest armada were next up, Yaseen Khan just 15 seconds ahead of the autotest first timer Laurence Farell. Ian Young added to his long list of fastest times by winning the B a N round the heaps. Thanks to Team Brown, Andy and Alastair  for the tests, set up and the stop watch handling. Thanks once again to the landowner.

Click on the Link below for both the Event Results and The Clubday Champ and League results up to and including October

Barry C was observing on the tests and  has put up a big number of video clips on youtube, search YMCOCT23


The September Clubday Autotests consisted of the first 12 tests of The Chris Leeming Memorial All day event held at Acaster on September the 17th. for the Clubday results click on the link below, For Rays Report see The Memorial Event Page.




RAYS REPORT – August 12th 2023 York Motor Club Clubday Autotest Report

Gaz Wrigglesworth set up some varied tests on the varied surfaces at Philliskirks yard. Andy Brown set FTD in the Brown family MX5, just over two seconds in front of Dad Alastair.  There were some impressive slides around test site 1 with Andy setting fastest time on the first run of the test, in a tally of three fastest test times.  Ashley Oliver Scott showed that test site 1 on the concrete wasn’t the rwd test it first appeared by setting two fastest times on the test in his MG ZR, third overall and a class win in class 2 was a good result.  Ben Jude was next up overall in the Clio, it’s not the nimble weapon that the AX gti is, as the need to engage reverse gear on test site 1 proved. Better times were recorded on the other more open test sites 2 and 3.  Oliver Mathison was just under two seconds behind in the overall results, a recent weight reduction programmed on the Yaris, had mixed results, one fastest test time and one failure to proceed. A very fast time on the B a N to win it was a good consolation, but I’m not sure Dad Marc will ever be consolable after the loss of his favourite allen key in the course of the weight reduction programme!!  Clubday regulars Gary Ross/Mandy won class 6 in the Saxo 1.1, but having the rear hatch open on the B a N   didn’t produce the hoped for downforce. Alfie Brown made an impressive clubday debut in a shared citroen c1, two fastest times, with some cone bashing mixed in, bagged 7th Overall. Stephen Draper was 8th overall in his Mini cooper, beating Ray Jude in the Clio, two wrong tests on site 3 couldn’t be blamed on the clio though. In the battle of the Mortimers in the super Imp, Shaun came out on top by 8 seconds over Clare. It has to be said that passengering for each other gave plenty of opportunity for sabotage, but they both seemed to enjoy their clubday debuts. Oliver Lowe made his clubday autotest debut in Class 5, going well in his Citroen C1 once he settled on a passenger. Alfie Brown winning the seat after a rigorous selection procedure.Colin Castle had an on off day, much like the throttle opening on his MX5.Big thanks to Gaz and the marshals for sticking to their posts in the dust. Big Thanks as well to Warren and the team at the Yard.


RAYS REPORT – July 16th 2023 York Motor Club Clubday autotest report.

Team Brown, Alastair and Andy, set out threes test sites using making good use of the space available to them on Tholthorpe airfield at the July Clubday.
Craig Dykes set two fastest test times in his Haynes Roadster special on his way to FTD. A new floor in the car apparently makes it easier to wash out the roofless special if there are any muddy puddles, so all is good.
It could have been quite different though.
Gaz Wrigglesworth was flying in his MX5, leading the MX5 squadron and set 5 fastest test times until a slip up on the first run on site 3 meant a fail time and cost an overall win. The Class 3 win and fastest time on the B a N, were the some consolation.
Pete Clegg also set some quick times in his Targa winning Corsa that would have had him right in the battle for the overall win but he detected a failing driveshaft in the car that he was sharing with class 5 newcomer Lewis. Pete decided rather than rather risk it he would let Lewis complete all the tests in his first time out in the Corsa, which he did and the car made it home.
The Young drivers were well represented By Oliver Mathison in his Yaris, a couple of cones clipped and two fastest test times on the way to third overall and a win, in Class 2, his first we think.
Ray Jude was next up overall, complaining the that Clio was not as sharp a weapon on autotests as the well used Citroen AXe.
David Ruddock and Robert Short in similar MX5s had similarly one cone penalty and one wrong and were split by just 6 seconds in David’s favour the overall results in 5th and 6th overall.
Neil Raven was all over the place, literally, the cones on tests 7 and 8 were shown no mercy in particular. He has also got into the habit of doing random 360s rounds cones that he doesn’t need to do. That got him one of his two wrong tests, but didn’t deter a spectacular run on the B a N.
Gary and Mandy Ross, clubday regulars, took the class 6 win in their Saxo 1.1
Steven Draper had a collection of wrong tests in his Mini Cooper on a day when it appeared very easy to lose concentration, judging by the overall number of wrong tests. Steven reckoned anyone who avoided the large puddle on the B a N ought to get a plus 10 penalty, but as the puddle soon emptied the tell-tale splash to reduce to make it less clear who had avoided it and who hadn’t.
Colin Castle started well on test site 2, two respectable test runs without the help of a passenger in his class 3 MX5, but then went a bit downhill. Removing the front bumper didn’t seem to make any difference.
Everyone enjoyed the tests drawn by Alistair Brown and the “Split” on the B a N was maybe a first, it made the diagram easier to draw and for the competitors to follow.
Thanks to Team Brown, Marshal and driver coach Ian and the landowners. For the results click on the link below –



RAYS REPORT – June 11th 2023 York Motor Club Clubday autotest report.

A warm dry very sunny day for the June clubday meant that grip levels were generally high, except for where they weren’t on the tests set out by Pete Clegg on the Acaster cow shed site.

Craig Dykes took the overall win by 8 seconds in his special, a half spin on test 7 didn’t delay him too much as set fastest time on 3 tests.

Next up were the leading members of the MX5 armada, Alastair Brown was his smooth and fast self, setting two fastest test times to just beat David Ruddock to second overall and the class 3 win, by less than 1.5 seconds. David himself setting two fastest test times to take 3rd overall in his multi-tasking MX5.

Less than two tenths behind was class 6 winner Gaz Wrigglesworth/Leanne (one fastest test time), also in an MX5. A very close battle all morning for the honour of being top MX5 and getting overall championship points to try and win the Trophy Gaz has put up for the highest placed MX5 in 2023.

Andrew Johnson/Dave Boyes in the Rallye East Yorkshire Targa Historic class winning Lancia Fulvia were top FWD drive car, taking one fastest test time. Dave doing his best to get Andrew to listen to him to take the correct route round the open tests set out on Acaster.

 Neil Raven didn’t quite have the usual wind in his sails in the MX5 armada battle, one wrong test didn’t help but it was more like business as usual on the B a N where he took fastest time in his MX5 overcoming a two second penalty.

Garry Ross/Mandy had a good result, 7th Overall in the very standard and daily driven Citroen Saxo 1.1 again proving that an inexpensive standard car without a fancy handbrake is no barrier to having fun on a YMC clubday. 

There was a big battle in class 2 to try and not win the class!, Ray Jude (AXe GTi) and Oliver Mathison (Toyota Yaris) matched each other for wrong tests on the same test, then when Oliver saw that Ray had hit a cone on test 6 he did the same on test 8!. The Citroen just taking the class win by under 4 seconds.

 Results maestro Andrew Cohen made a welcome appearance in his Dutton special but the car was less than pleased to be woken up and decided it wanted to go back to sleep on test 8. It wouldn’t restart even after being left to cool off.

Stephen Draper managed to get his Mini in a fit state to use after its recent targa rally outing to record another Clubday finish.

 Thanks to Pete, Marshals, Sarah, Shaun and Marc as well as the landowner.

 The next Clubday is on Sunday July 16th on Tholthorpe airfield. 



RAYS REPORT   –     A small but perfectly formed entry for Craig Dykes debut as a clubday autotest organiser at Acaster Airfield on Sunday 7th May.

The first test site had BTRDA autotest regular Stephen Morten as fastest on all three runs but only just from the clubday regulars and guest appearance drivers. Stephen was “just testing” for the BTRDA autotest on Acaster on 14th May. On test site 2 he pretty much gave a lesson in how to do J turns in his rear wheel drive autotest special to set 3 more fastest times. The opportunity to have a run round the heaps at the far end of the site was declined, test session over.That left a very close battle for FTD. Ben Jude putting in a guest appearance in the Citroen AXe just piping Gary Wrigglesworth/Leanne by just over 1.5 seconds. Three fastest times around the heaps test sealed the deal in the Axe. Gary Wrigglesworth/Leanne were top MX5. Oliver Mathison, taking a morning off from exam revision and co driving took the third step on the overall podium in his Toyota. Ray Jude and David Ruddock, were less than a second apart further down the results. Colin Castle dispensed with the use of a passenger this month to finish 7th. Ben Jude took the B a N in the Citroen Axe, by over 3 seconds from his sponsor and car owner who was unable to overcome the non removable “success ballast” A real good mix of tests drawn up/set up by Craig that for some reason or another required 3 demo runs.           Thanks to the great turnout of Marshals and the landowner.



RAYS REPORT –  Ten starters took on the mud, dust, puddles and sunshine at the York Motor club April clubday autotest. A very close battle between Craig Dykes in his autotest Haynes Special and Pete Clegg/Lewis in their Vauxhall Corsa, had Craig winning overall by just 3 seconds after 9 tests. Stephen Waddington proving once again that a very standard road car can do well by finishing 3rd in the Hyundai i10 shared with Ruby.

The tests were challenging in terms of changing surface. I don’t think I have ever seen a stop astride in a straight line cause so much trouble, stopping, stopping without hitting a marker or even getting going again after stopping proven tricky, the degree of difficulty was all about the surface, all part of the fun of clubday autotests.
Alastair Brown was top Mazda MX5 ahead of Gary Wrigglesworth/Leanne and Chris walker.
Pete Clegg/lewis took the B a N win overcoming a 2 second handicap.
Thanks to Neil Raven for a great mix of tests, a couple looked fearsome on the paper diagrams sent out to competitors before the event but a quick walk round proved that the challenge was more about going smoothly and quickly without clipping the marker poles, than struggling to find the right route round the trees, mud heaps,and bales.
Thanks to a great turn out of marshals at a venue that like other venues this year this year is used for targa rallies.
Next months Clubday, Craig Dykes will be drawing and setting up the tests, is set for Acaster airfield model aircraft club site on 7th May. (not the 14thMay, there is a BTRDA autotest on Acaster on the 14th May)



RAYS REPORT – David Ruddock organised the March 2023 clubday on a venue we have not used for quite a while, Tholthorpe airfield. Craig Dykes set overall FTD in his RWD special. Only three tests  off a clean sweep of fastest test times. No roof, windscreen or doors  to speak of in the March weather is maybe a good incentive  to get the long tests over and done with as soon as possible. Maybe the win will go some way to help clean the mud off himself and the car. Pete Clegg in his Corsa and David Blaney (Nissan Micra) battled very closely for the next two places, Pete taking the runners up spot by less than 3 seconds, David took the win on the B a N. Neil Raven/Claire were first Mazda Mx5 in the results and class 6 winners.  Some two lots of marker bashing kept didn’t make any difference to Andrew Browns finishing spot. Yours truly, gave the heaterless Ax a miss trying to get the hang of a Clio and managed to get between the Brown family battlers.  Alastair Brown is now 2-1 down in 2023 but the two are rarely more than a second or so apart an any given tesgt so no Easter chickens can be counted just yet. Mark Walker/Jayden Walker were next up, Walker senior knocking the front Bumper off their clio and promptly driving straight over it in an effort to save a few seconds. Young Megan who was sharing  the driving seat didn’t look  too pleased to be collecting up the parts dad had left scattered about!! Stephen Waddington was in third in class 6, ably navigated by Ruby, who gave also good account of herself when it was her go behind the wheel of the Hyundai i10. Gary Ross and Stephen Draper (BMW Mini cooper) fought in class two and overall, Gary in the Saxo less than 2 seconds up after 9 long tests.Gaz Wrigglesworth/Leane Jackson were 4th their Mazda mx 5 in class 6. Andrew Johnson/Diane Horsman were 5th In class 6, in the Fiesta ST, with its wide low profile tyres struggling to get traction. Joshua Bailey was next up in the very popular class 6, getting ahead of Andrew Thompson in the Shared MX5, the ABS getting the blame for a number of stop astride finish line overshoots. Some excellent long tests, pretty slippy without the need for any snow or ice. Thanks to David,  the team of marshals as well as the Landowner.




RAYS REPORT – A big entry and lot of new to YMC clubday competitors took to the tests at Eastmoor, a venue we haven’t used for a few years. Pete/Lewis Clegg elected not to start in their supercharged mini as a result of a noisey drivehshaft but stayed on to help marshal.

At the top of the results sheets there were two family battles, Stephen Short taking fastest time on all but two tests in his 1200 Nova. Dave short was second overall and in the Mazda MX5 that Stephen normally drives. Alastair Brown just pipped Andy Brown to take third overall, Andy setting fastest time on test three. Next up was clubday newcomer Craig Dykes in his Haynes Roadster in the specials class. Craig taking the win on the B a N once Neil Ravens two second handicap was applied to the first run times. David Ruddock did what many didn’t, achieved no wrong tests to take 6th overall in his MX5 .  Neil Raven/Clare had been out all night on a road rally in their MX5 were next up overall and took first in class 6,the class for those that prefer some company in the car. Two more MX5 in the results, Chris Walker then Gary Wrigglesworth/Leanne, the latter taking fastest time on test 6. Stephen Waddington was 10th Overall and 2nd in class 2 in the very standard Hyundai I10, right from the start taking lines that minimised any reversing due to a lack of a super sharp handbrake, showing that a standard road car is no great problem to going well and having fun. Yours truly was next up, two wrong tests not helping a great deal and proof that I get no favours from the family marshal. To show I held no grudge I treated Ang to a trip to Willow Farm café on the the way home on Stephen Drapers recommendation, that on top of a ride out in the Axe, oh how she is spoilt!! Joshua Bailey won the battle with Andrew Thompson in their shared MX5.

David Blaney put in a welcome guest appearance in his Micra to add to the variety of cars trying to defeat the Mx5 armada. John Taylor was another first YMC clubday first timer, sharing the Dave Short Mx5. Jack Taylor was also a first time autotester in his MGB GT, all doing well to get the hang of finding their way around the tests so quickly without the help? of a navigator/passenger.  Gary Ross with Mandy in the passenger seat threw the Citroen Saxo at the tests and finished 4th in class 6.  Colin Castle/Jared Lawrence had a bit of nightmare but seemed to enjoy themselves. It worked well setting all the Mx5s off together to the same test, it gave them to chance to discuss blue rinses and welcome? Neil/Clare back to the MX5 armada after his January defection to FWD.

Thanks to Ian Young for drawing up some challenging tests, the Marshals, Andrew Cohen for the results, and the Landowner.



RAYS REPORT Unlike the last Acaster clubday of 2022 a quick glance at the timesheets before they went for number crunching didn’t indicate a runaway winner. After Andrew C. has totalled things up Neil Raven/Claire took Fastest total time of the day. This answered the pre event question, who could stop the massed MX5 armada from winning? It turned out to be one of their own who jumped ship from his MX5 to his Peugeot 205 GTI in a last minute change brought about by the 205 being officially declared in better condition than he thought it was in the MOT bay!! Four test fastest times, including fastest on the last three tests, with a simply extremely fast time on the last test gave quite a winning margin. A puncture and a broken spring on the day didn’t hinder progress.
Chris Walker upheld Mazda MX5 honour by taking 2ndoverall, a few seconds ahead of Pete Clegg/SaraH Clegg in the Corsa that took fastest time on test 3.
Andy Brown won the Brown family battle by a few seconds from Alastair in the shared MX5, but Alastair did perhaps let Andy off the hook with a wrong test on test 8, one of a number of us that made up our own route around the heaps.
Another MX5 was 6th overall and 3rd in class 6, with MX5 armada Admiral Gaz Wrigglesworth/Leanne Jackson on board.
Yours truly was the sole competitor in class 2, Starting well on test site 1 with two fastest times. Finishing well was a problem though after deciding on a different route on test site 3 to that intended by the organiser Steven Draper, not once, but twice………doh!
Next up in the overall results Andrew Johnson/ Dave Boyes were out on targa testing practice in the new to Andrew Fiesta ST.
Dave Ruddock set a fastest time on test 6 in his MX5 then joined those who decided to take a different route up on test site 3 on one run and also got a puncture for his trouble.
Jack Mathewson chose to do the clubday rather than sun himself in some exotic location and had newcomer Jordan Ellis to Share the Subaru with, a broken brake pipe meant they couldn’t complete all the runs on test site 3.
Gary Ross/Mandy Ross, threw the Saxo about as usual.
Adam Birkill struggled keep Roger in the passenger seat as Roger’s attention was diverted to his more strenuous passion, running, as the half marathon passed the site and then some marshalling. Roger apparently saving himself to drive on a 12 car rally the day after the clubday.
Team Castle, Colin and Steve, were more first timers at a YMC clubday autotest in their Mx5 and seemed to enjoy themselves on the cold but sunny morning.
The B a N was unbelievably close, in fact the Raven 205 and the Clegg Corsa couldn’t be separated on time so it was declared a draw based on the run that counts, the first one.
Thanks to first time organiser Steven Draper, the marshals and everyone else who made the clubday happen.
DJ Barry has put a number of video clips up on Youtube, search YMCJAN23 covering most if not all competitors.


Provisional dates for the next two clubdays are February 19thand March 12th dates and venues to be confirmed as soon as we can.

Please get in touch if you any questions or need more information about these two classes

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The DECEMBER Clubday Morning autotest was held on Sunday 11th December 2022. The venue was Acaster South.

RAYS REPORT -YMC December 2022 clubday

A cold but crisp morning for the December clubday Autotest/PCA, also known as the Autotest Christmas party. Team Mathison set up threes test sites on the surfaces that ranged from Supergrippy to superslippy.
The provisional results indicate that Pete Clegg had pretty much a clean sweep on the 3 test sites, then cleaned up on the B a N overcoming a 4 second previous success penalty. Annoyingly fast and smooth in the Corsa with its rebuilt (must be 200 bhp at least?) engine
The results are in processing to see who won the Mx5 battle. If it turns out the be Alistair Brown then it’s clearly down to the Christmas bonnet emblem.🙈
Gary Ross/Mandy Ross battled the snow at home and a frozen petrol cap on the 1.1 Saxo to even get to Acaster
Stephen Draper kept out of the undergrowth, consistent driving doing well in class 2. The Mini that has replaced the rover has been a good move.
The AXe Gti with Yours truly at the wheel did what it has done before when there has been talk of it being retired, broke down in the days before the autotest and cut out a few times on some tests. It doesn’t like the thought of being replaced, so there will be no more talk of that.
Last months new starters Mark/Ryan Jenkinson in their 205 Gti came fully prepared from what they had learnt last month and made a massive step forward.
New to YMC clubdays Dad and Lad, Dave and Jack Mathewson made an impressive debut in their RWD Subaru Impreza. Not sure if it was disappointment or relief it wasn’t a Subaru Impreza WRC! Not sure who can claim the driving bragging rights back at work next week, but whichever it is the other will be able to claim to be the better navigator.
Thanks to everyone who took part, the organisers, especially the marshals who stood out in the cold for us all.




YMC November clubday autotest was held on Sunday 13th November. The venue was Acaster airfield, the usual 9 tests included one test round at the stone heaps.



The Chris Leeming memorial Autotest was resheduled for Sunday 9th October 2022, Due to the death of HMQ. It was a dual permit event that allowed for 6 classes. As well as the usual autotest classes there were two production car autotest classes. An opportunity for younger drivers to compete (with an experienced passenger) and for older drivers to take a passenger/navigator if they so wished.

The venue near York, was Acaster airfield, the “cow shed site” we used last year that some of you may be familiar with from Targa rallies or HRCR clubmans historic events.



The August event was organised by Gaz Wrigglesworth and held on Sunday the 21st at  Melbourne, for the Results click on the Red Link
 The July Clubday Autotests were held on July 3rd at Acaster, Neil Raven designed the tests and ten competitors turnd out to do battle.

NEILS REPORT – Ten quality entrants took on the nine tests on the runway and around the heaps at the top end which also created the Bob a Nob. Plenty of action in the dust with a ’narrow’ caution coming back down beside one of the heaps. The second test looked more like a steady driving test but a tidy smooth drive was the best route to a good time. Steven Draper and Gary Ross tried doing the 360° turns without a handbrake and found it was much quicker. Newbies, David Corless and Dave Widdup got smoother and quicker as the day went on and youngsters Oliver Mathison and Adam Burkill were within seconds of each other on the test on the loose. Oliver spent most of his time with one rear wheel of the Yaris in the air on the tight turns and kept it smooth on the slalom. Great to see some future talent honing their skills on these tests.  Roger Burkill was on hand to grab the handbrake when Adam got a bit out of shape which got him around one of the big heaps with a bit of opposite lock. You could tell it was Roger who was paying for the tyres fuel and repairs, Roger navigated the 360° turns at around 2000 rpm, Adam was at 6000rpmThe Mx5 drift team consisted of Gary Vatanen and Alastair Brown and they created the most dust as well. Alastair had an impressive 360° between cones and Gaz Wriggo vanished in his own dust at one point. They were quickest on most tests but Peter Clegg kept them honest in his Mini Cooper S with the supercharger whine adding to the spectacle of tyre screech and speed. Ray Jude was on marshal and stone clearing duties on the top test. He was called in to action a few times after a couple of competitors went up the pile before they straightened up to navigate the narrow section.

For the Results – click on the red lnk below



The YMC June Clubday Autotest was held on Sunday 12th June at Philliskirk’s Yard on the A59 between York and Harrogate.
RAYS REPORT – Nine tests were set out at a venue at Philliskirks Yard, a venue we have not used for a while. Alastair Brown set FTD and was fastest MX5. A quick and occasionally neat and tidy drive from Mark Walker with Passenger Jayden took second place overall in the very standard and streetcar Clio 1.2. They also took the B a N, beating Mr Mx5 Garry Wrigglesworth with Leane after a success handicap was applied. Wriggo also took 3rd overall.Neil Raven ensured his driving credentials in the household were kept intact by finishing above Claire in the results although there was a suspicion of sabotage as Claire’s Saxo appeared to have trouble selecting reverse gear on test site 3, mysteriously fixed by Neil looking in the general direction of the Saxo. Good to see the entries system architect, David Blaney out in the Micra. Special mention to David Corless/Chris Shepherd who drove their Saxo over from Lancashire for their very first autotest, alternator problems meant they chose to cut short rather than risk not getting home. David was out again at a Grass autotest on Wednesday night and hopefully we will see them again next month. Thanks to Warren for the use of the venue and all his help on the day. 

For the Results and League Table to date – click on the red lnk below




The May YMC clubday autotest was held on Sunday May 15th on the “Cow shed” site (South) at Acaster. Alastair Brown was the organiser and nine competitors turned out, For the results click on the Link Below


A shower or two of rain at Acaster before the May Clubday kept the dust down. Nine entries enjoyed the tests set by Alastair Brown with a few new twists on the manoeuvres required to get around them.

Pete Clegg set 5 fastest test times on the way to FTD overall in his Vaxhall corsa.  Ray Jude took second overall, despite the AXe appearing to suffer overheating. The car got home under it’s own steam ok though.  Gary Wrigglesworth with passenger Leane won the MX5 battle and the B a N. Andrew Cohen suffered  a  car problem on test 1, but revived the Dutton to set fastest time on tests 2 and 3.

Team Mathison scored one of their  best results overall in the Toyota Yaris.

Thanks to the Marshals who did the timekeeping.

The details of the June Clubday will be confirmed shortly.


The April YMC Clubday was held on Sunday 24th April 2022 at Acaster airfield (East) the “Model Aircraft” site. Pete Clegg was the organiser.

For the results click on the link below


A Sunny morning at Acaster for Peter Clegg to debut as organiser. Early on it became apparent that Joe Gamble either had a misfire, overactive traction control or the normally very rapid mini was struggling under the weight of all the 2020 and 2021 trophies he had just taken delivery off. Steve Draper started test one determined to run into something, a push soon got him off the pile of soil he got stuck on.  Alastair Brown had clearly had a good breakfast and set fastest times on the first Three tests.

Neil Raven with his on board adviser Billy Spenceley was very very fast on the first two runs on the grey dusty test site 2, winning back a lot of the 10 seconds given away on the third run on test site 1, when a pole had not got out of his way. The MX5 battle was very, close.

Test 3 was up around the heaps, some new heaps and other immovable objects made the test quite different to usual. Neil Raven was the only one to break into the 48s.

Gary Ross seemed enjoyed his first YMC Clubday autotest in his very standard 1.1 Saxo.

Ray Jude was just pleased to complete the day with no wrong tests for the first time in 2022. Walking test site 1 about four times might have helped.

Alastair Brown took FTD, but only just from the other MX5 crew of Raven/Spenceley not quite able to pull back enough time despite a clean sweep of fastest times on heaps tests.

Thanks to Pete for organising and Thanks to all the Marshals that seemed to enjoy the morning sunshine.



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The system allows for entry via the system where competitors can view the regulations and sign on online. Test diagrams will be e-mailed out diagrams as soon as they are available.

The entry fee, £16 will still be via Bank transfer to the YMC account.

The BIG change for April and future events  is that the SRs have been amended so entries can be accepted for Standard production Electric Vehicles and Standard production Hybrid Vehicles.

·        YMC Clubday autotest SRs have been amended to allow for standard production Electric vehicles (EVs) and standard production Hybrid vehicles that comply with Motorsport UK regulations. The plan is to not to have a separate class for EVs or hybrids but they will be eligible for a current class according to their drive configuration, so class 2 for FWD EVs Class 3 for RWD EVs or class 5 or 6.

This approach may be reviewed if we get a significant number of entries from EVs

·         As per MSUK regulations section J  5.14.8. Any EV or Hybrid competing must display the warning sign detailed in Drawing 5.14

  Minimum size 75mm x 75mn

This warning sign is to alert marshals or anyone else who may need to approach the vehicle to the fact that the vehicle is an EV or hybrid.

·        The official entry list will clearly identify any EV or Hybrid competing   

– Ray Jude (clubday coordinater


Some changes for the March Clubday and onwards are being made that have been discussed and approved by the YMC clubday autotest committee. The main two changes are: .

1.       A move to an online entry system motorclub manager

Some of you may have already used the system on other events. The YMC March Clubday (and future clubdays when they are ready to enter) will show up in the list of events if you click on “view events” on  The system is easy to use and will reduce the admin burden for the clubdays and make it easier  for competitors to enter. Once you have made one event entry on the system it is just 4 or 5 clicks or taps to enter any subsequent events.

The system allows for entry via the system where competitors can view the regs and download the test diagrams as soon as they are available. Sign on online as well.

The entry fees will still be via Bank transfer. The details are on the online system when you enter. Please give your name as reference when you send payment.

2.       To help cover some of the costs of the new entry system and cover little bit more of the increased MSUK permit fees, that were raised a year or so ago, entry fee for the clubday autotest is being raised to £16. Still good value for money for grass roots motorsport, we hope you will agree. It also helps the club treasurer tell the difference between autotest entry fees and club membership renewals early in the year.

If you have any problems or need help to get started with the online entry system just give me a call on 07980 947579




The March Clubday Autotests were held on Sunday the 20th, organised by Joe Gamble, at Acaster only seven competitors turned out to compete – For the results click on the red link above.


Pretty close battle for the overall win. Peter Clegg with Young Clegg enjoying a display of how to throw a Corsa about was only prevented from a clean sweep of fastest times by 2nd place Alastair Brown (MX5) Stu Cariss seems to be getting the hang of his MX5, also known as an Escort convertible to complete the podium.

Ray Jude spent a most of tests 7, 8 and 9 testing the rev limiter in the AXe. Neil Raven was giving his 205 Gti a run out in preparation for the North Yorkshire classic. Steven Draper muscled the big rover well round the tests.

Oliver Mathison suffered a CV joint fail, some reckon his passenger/advisor mum looked relieved as there had been some fast and furious driving  on the early tests judging by the marks left in the test side mud and moss.

Thanks to the Joe and the Gamble family for the organising and Marshalling.  Barry C’s videos are up on youtube.

Aprils Clubday autotest is on 24th April to avoid easter Sunday  and as many clashes as we can. Peter Clegg is organiser and the plan is to use the Model aircraft club site at Acaster but stay away from the grey gloop..





The February Event was held on Acaster South on the 20th, organised by Andrew Cohen, 12 competitors turned out on a windy wet morning to compete. For the results click on the red link above



The January Clubday was held at ACASTER and on the 16th, organised by Neil Raven, nineteen competitors turned out for a great mornings motorsport.

For the results Click on the red link above

Stuarts Recap –

What a great start to 2022 – 19 entries & happy smiling faces at the finish thanks to Neil & his band of marshals.

2 conventional tests & 1 longer rally style test which did cause a bit of a bottleneck but sure no one complained !!

Despite having southern origins Neil has embraced the Yorkshire culture ( if not the accent) of getting the most for your money & use of the site – this extended into the B a N resulting in even bigger smiles & was eventually won by a determined Chris Walker – well it was set by an MX5 driver. We finally finished at 2.30 which just gave time to wash the car before it got dark.

How refreshing to see the improvement in our junior competitors Oliver & Megan – think Olivers mum is taking tranquilisers before the next outing to calm her nerves !

I know you are all waiting for the results to see if you are organising the March event – no reflection on Andrew Cohen who has taken over the results from Malc but a delay has been caused by introducing a class 6 which has meant reprogramming the system to accomodate it hence the delay.

I anm busy rewriting the event regs to take into account the recent changes. Apart from the new class 6 we are basically bringing our regs up to mirror those set out by our ruling body MSUK who issue the event permits & insurance. There are no major changes but all will be explained to you soon which I think is for the better.

The February event will be at Acaster on 20th February. The bad news is that as Ray is away so implimenting the new simpler entry system will not happen before March , you are stuck with me as entries sec. etc for another month. The revised regs will be circulated soon.




Held on Sunday the 12th at Acaster, 17 competitors turned out in reasonably dry weather for the last event of 2021. For the Results click on the red link above.


Held on Sunday the 14th at Acaster Ray Jude The Unofficial provisional results (which were correct) after a count up on the day were 1st Gary Hodgson in the Very Special KA, 2nd Ben Jude in the AXe, 3rd Neil Raven in the MX5 WRC. Test sites 1 & 3 were a clean sweep of fastest times for Gary, but the 2nd test site seemed to suit the MX5 WRC very well and some bales got very frightened🙈 in the course of Neil Setting three fastest times. For the Official Final Results click on the Red link above.



Held on Sunday the 17th at EASTMOOR – Ian Young organised three interesting tests on a very greasy / mossy surface, creating a lot of fun for the rear wheel drive (MX5) contingent! – For the results click on the Red Link Above

Well what a good morning we had at the October Autotest at Eastmoor. Thanks to Ian for organising the tests – obviously in one of his sadistic moods when he planned Test 1 site to make sure he used all the most slippy area of the whole airfield. Two of the MX5 brigade even did an extra 360 just for the hell of it ( or was it brain fade !! )
One new young starter Megan Walker accompanied by her dad Mark managed all the tests with no fails & hopefully will return – they must be keen as they live near Bridlington. Kevin Hardwick who entered the All Day ( & won his class) made the long journey from Mansfield detouring to Hull to pick up his son Alister up on the way & again drove very impressively to be 3rd overall. Along with the “Mathison’s” & our Hull area competitors we do seem to be attracting competitors from far away. Talking of the Mathison’s they missed October because both Dad Mark & son Oliver were competing in a PCA held in a quarry in Wales – looks a great venue – they both used their Road Rally/Targa Proton with Oliver beating his dad & winning driver of the day – well done Oliver – must be the experience gained doing our clubday autotests.
Gary Hodgson won overall & Class 4. 2nd was young Ben Jude ( coming home from Uni specially to compete) who won class 2 & more recently has competed in a National Championship at the new MSUK HQ at Bicester Motion near Oxford – again clubday autotests are his training ground) Class 3 was won by Neil Raven in 7th overall despite a fail or two. Gary Wrigglesworth performed very well but a fail dropped him to a lowly 16th but with Megan being the only other class 5 competitor he still won the class. Bob a Nob was won by Kevin Hardwick but the MX5,s provided the most entertainment.
There is no stopping Ben in the AXeman challenge & likewise Neil in the MX5 challenge



The August Event was held at Full Sutton (South “Pond” End) on Sunday the 15th, organised by Gary Hodgson, Ten entries turned out with a welcome return of Ian Young in his Mini Special, quickly getting back into things and after a close battle with Joe Gamble, setting up fastest time of the day. Results can be found by clicking on the link ABOVE.


The July Clubday Autotests were held on Sunday 11th July at Rufforth old Airfield ( Potato Store Area) organised by Joe Gamble. Seventeen competitors turned out, The results can be found by clicking on the red link ABOVE.

Stuarts Recap – Well the dust has settled  on the July Autotests – yes we did have dust ! and what a great mornings motorsport we had. 17 entries including 3 class 5 with passengers.

Joe set up 3 good tests, 1 on good concrete, 1 on tarmac & loose and 1 on good tarmac with 2 of the tests including some reversing with quite a few fails & + 10’s to upset the results.

Chris Newlove had a clean run in his 1275 Mini putting up 5 fastest times to win overall & class 4. Ben Jude followed with another clean run finishing about 8 secs behind Chris to win class 2.          Gary Wrigglesworth was 3rd with partner Leonne in the hot seat to win class 5.                                  Neil Raven in his “new” red peril MX5 was 4th to win class 3 despite 1 fail. Gary Hodgson had 4 fastest times but a fail& 3 plus 10’s dropped him from a certain overall win to 5th.

Bob a Nob was a modified & extended Test 1. That man Raven was fastest but with a 2 sec handicap the win went to Andy Brown in the orange MX5 who pipped Ray Jude by 3/100 sec. !!!

Biggest dust cloud & longest sideways slide easily went to Alastair Brown on Test 2 – in his words maybe not the quickest way but certainly the most fun ! – certainly looked good.

The  Axeman challenge is looking a bit one sided with Ben winning again & Neil is well in the lead in the MX5 challenge.

Thanks to Joe for organizing , Bill ( Joe’s dad) Malc for marshalling & Jazzy Baz for filming ( on his facebook site) & sorting all the equipment.


The June Clubday Autotests were held at Acaster West, eight competitors turned out on a hot dry morning, dust was a problem for Gary Hodgson in his open Ka special but he persevered and pushed Andy Brown into second place by less than 2 seconds.

STUARTS RECAP – 8 competitors enjoyed some good tests laid out by Malc Skilbeck who stood in for Steve Smith who had an unavoidable change of plans. We knew entries would be low due to a clash with a grass autotest organised by A & P to which some of our regulars decided to attend but we had hoped for 10 – 12. It was looking like 4 or 5 at one stage but a welcome returning Karl Hunter & the Sutton duo saved the day. Gary Hodgson won the event & also the B a N ( thanks Gary for donating your winnings to the club) No Axe man challenge this month but hopefully they will be at the July event. The MX5 challenge was always going to be a battle of the Browns & it was ! But for a fail “Brown Senior” would have taken the honours but as we all know ” buts & ifs” don’t count so “Brown Junior” won the day. I trailed behind but was pleased with my slow improvement taming the Jap beast.

So you lot you missed a good event in June but never mind the July event is now sorted

The results can be found by clicking on the red link ABOVE.



The May Clubday Autotests were held on Sunday the 16th May at Acaster and were organised by Steve Smith.

Stuarts Recap – 

A good entry of 17 . Steve set up 3 good tests – bit tight for the bigger cars but quite do-able & sorted the men from the boys. Joe Gamble in his mini 1000 won overall & Class 1. Neil Raven was 2nd & won Class 3, Ben Jude was 3rd & won Class 2. Returning after a long layoff was Gary Hodgson who finished 7th & won Class 4. Peter Clegg & passenger Louis was 8th & won Class 5.

Bob a Nob was won by Ben Jude finishing 0.8 sec ahead of father Ray Jude.

Ben won round 2 of the Rayben Axeman challenge (again) & Neil Raven won round 2 of the MX5 challenge ( again)

The results can be found by clicking on the red link at the bottom of the page.





The April Clubday Autotests were held on Sunday the 18th April at Acaster, organised by Steve Morten, nineteen competitors turned out on a clear sunny morning – for the results click on the red link ABOVE.







The Chris Leeming Memorial All Day Autotests was held on Acaster South. Our annual event co promoted with Huddersfield Motor Club went ahead with full Corona Virus Precautions. 24 tests were completed. The first 12 tests formed the YMC October Clubday event. 

For the Main event Results click here – Chris leeming 20results

For October Clubday Results – Click on the Red Link ABOVE



















YORK Motor Club Autotest League events are run on a monthly schedule (the winner organising a following months autotest).


What is Autotesting?

Autotest events consist of a number of short courses or “tests” made up usually of traffic cones. Competitors are given a defined route, which they complete against the clock, using forward and reverse gears. Time penalties are given for collisions with bollards or failing to complete the course correctly.


What type of  car?

Nothing special, in fact any car that is deemed safe by the organisers. There are people out there competing in cars they have bought for as little as 25 pounds.


Why Autotesting?

Autotesting is “grass roots” motorsport. Entry fees are cheap, events are held on private property, no special licence is required at inter-club level, no special car is needed. This type of motorsport is without any doubt, the best and safest way to learn car control, and a great introduction to other forms of motorsport.


How do I find out more?

Simple, Come and meet us socially, every Wednesday night, 9.00 p.m. Details of where we meet can be found here  Better still come down and visit our next club day. We will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have, and provide you with a copy of our clubday rules. Alternatively, you can contact one of our experienced club day organisers.