Chris Leeming Memorial Autotests 2023

The Chris Leeming memorial Autotest was held on Sunday 17th September 2023. It was a dual permit event that allows for 6 classes. As well as the usual autotest classes there were two production car autotest classes. An opportunity was included for younger drivers to compete, class 5 (with an experienced passenger) and for older drivers to take a passenger/navigator if they so wish, class 6.


Without seeing any results during the day I thought that the newly refurbished Mini special with Ian Young at the controls had slipped up with some cone bashing, but the results show he was nipping a few seconds almost every test and with so many tests he was able to make up for the penalties. Craig Dykes drove the soles of his boots off  finishing second overall in an autotest specials one-two. Andy Brown was 3rd overall in the family MX5.(also taking the class 3 win)

Young Oliver Mathison took the class 2 win in his Toyota Yaris, pretty good for someone who has just taken to the roads on his provisional licence, but has a good few years of autotesting experience to hone  his car control skills.

Ruby Holmes threw the family Fiat panda around, another young driver following previous generations into motorsport.

Neil Raven/Clare took the class 6 win in his usual flamboyant style in his road going MX5. Gaz Wrigglesworth/Leanne J, second in class 6 is a road going standard Aygo. Best amusing comment of the day for me came from Gaz, not being able to use his usual MX5 he’d pressed the  Toyota Aygo into action, “you won’t be seeing this again” sounds like he can’t wait to be back with the MX5 armada at the next event.

Rob Short took the best YMC award. Andrew Wood was best Huddersfield Motorclub competitor

Team Which way now, Neil Raven/Clare, Craig Dykes and Oliver Mathison took the team award, holding off the rival teams including a team from TV land who are very familiar with putting the hammer down!!

Steve Bingham took the newbie award in his Citroen C2.

It was good so see so many Autotesting first timers in their road cars. I hope they will be back.. Thank you to all the Marshals, Richard the results, Stu for collecting the all important portaloo and Thank you to the land owner.

There are some video clips and pictures up on the York Motorclub facebook page and the Huddersfield motorclub page.

I hope you all enjoyed the days sport.

Same again or similar next September,

FOR THE RESULTS CLICK HERE – CLeeming171023resultsFULLDAY edited-2